SBI credit cards offer a wide range of discount offers and reward benefits on your shopping form the partnered brands, but to enhance your shopping experience it provides you SBI FBB Credit Card. This SBI credit card will provide you several discounts and reward benefits on your purchase form FBB or BigBazar. You can buy any products whether clothes, electronic appliances, food items anything from BigBazar to get the reward benefits on your card. Read the article to know about the benefits of the SBI FBB StyleUp credit card.

Discount offers on Your Wallet with SBI FBB credit card

If you are a shopaholic and need a credit card to avail discount on your purchases on BigBazar Products, then SBI FBB credit card is an appropriate card that provides you the below-mentioned benefits.

  • You can get an Fbb gift voucher of Rs. 500 on your joining of the SBI credit card.
  • Avail the anniversary gift of 2,000 Bonus Reward Points every year on your usage of the credit card.
  • Also, an upfront discount of 10% round the year when you shop fashion apparels, accessories, and other products from Fbb and Big Bazaar.
  • Earn 10X Reward Points on your everyday spends at Big Bazaar, Fbb and Food Bazaar outlets.

Exceptional features of SBI FBB StyleUp credit card

When you apply for an SBI credit card, it not only provides you discount offers and reward points. But there are some extra benefits, you can avail from your credit card as such benefit of the SBI FBB credit card is easy cash Withdrawal. You can withdraw cash from your credit card anytime anywhere with 1 million worldwide Visa ATMs, the benefits are not only limited to this you can also transfer your outstanding balance of your other bank’s credit card to the SBI credit card and avail a lower rate of interest and payback.


Apply for the SBI FBB credit card to own its benefit

You can easily avail the SBI FBB StyleUp credit card with the lowest joining and annual fee of Rs.499 + Goods and Service Tax (GST). Just go to your nearby SBI Bank Branch and apply for your desired SBI credit card by filling out the application form and submitting your required KYC documents. If you are an existing account holder or loan customer of SBI Bank then you’ll receive pre-approved credit card offers via email or message on your registered email address and mobile number. For a hassle-free SBI credit card application procedure, you can apply for the SBI FBB credit card or any other credit card by visiting its official website. Just log in to your account and upload your KYC documents and click on the “submit” button.


With 20 to 50 days credit-free period on your SBI credit cards, you can enjoy the benefits of the credit cards. You can also add your credit card fees and other charges on your payment due amount to make easy payment settlement of the SBI credit cards. 

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