Can Bank of Baroda Home Loan Interest Rate lowers your installments?

To finance your property or house you can borrow a desired loan amount from Bank Of Baroda. The bank provides home loans to customers at an attractive interest rate based on the bank base rate. You can opt for a fixed or floating rate of interest on your Bank of Baroda home loan. Read this article and know about the home loan features and current rate of interest and benefits of tools like Bank Of Baroda home loan EMI calculator.

What is the current Bank Of Baroda home loan interest rate?

Before funding your home check the home loan interest rate of Bank Of Baroda. As the rate of interest depends on the base lending rate that is 9.00%. And the effective home loan interest rate is 8.15% to 9.40% per annum. The user can compute the total payable Bank of Baroda home loan interest rate using the loan calculator tool. You can borrow a maximum of INR 10 crore from Bank Of Baroda for your home finance or 90% of property value whichever is higher. You can choose whether a fixed or floating interest rate on your loan equated monthly installments. By meeting the loan eligibility and high CIBIL score or income, you can get a suitable interest rate on your loan amount. And also get a negotiation power to ask for a lower interest rate.


Bank Of Baroda Home Loan EMI calculator generate monthly EMIs and interest rate

You can calculate your loan EMIs and interest rate using the Bank Of Baroda home loan calculator. The user is required to mention a few details like the principal amount, interest rate and loan tenure. With the help of that, you can generate EMI because the calculator functions on the formula [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1]. Suppose, someone borrowed a loan amount of INR 89 lakh from Bank Of Baroda for 20 years. Then the computed EMI and interest rate would be INR 81,109 for Bank Of Baroda home loan interest rate of 9.18%.


Pay lower EMIS with a low-interest rate using Bank Of Baroda home loans

Avail a home loan from Bank Of Baroda easily by going to the nearest bank branch. Or you can visit the official bank website to apply online for a home loan. When you visit the Bank Of Baroda website click on products and choose “Home Loan”. After that you will be directed to the home loan page click on the “Apply Now” button. Then fill-up the online loan application form by mentioning your personal and income details like net income, PAN details, etc.


When the application is submitted successfully you will get a notification on your registered number or email address. So, get home loans from Bank Of Baroda and get useful online tools and a low-interest rate to make your home finance easier. Just pay a lower processing fee for your home that is 0.50% of the borrowed amount. And make payment for your home loan EMIs using ECS, PDCs or auto-debit methods. 

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