Does Citibank Personal Loan Come At Lowest Rate Of Interest?

Now, you do not have to worry about funds anymore if you borrow loans from Citibank. Because it gives you the desired amount at an attractive rate of interest. You can apply for a Citibank personal loan and get a starting interest rate of 10.99% per annum. The interest rate on the Citibank personal loans are fixed and don’t change with the maturity period. Read this article and know about the features of Citibank loans for the customers.

How can I borrow a loan from Citibank?

To get the desired amount for your financial needs, you can get a call from Citibank. Just visit the bank official website and select a personal loan, then click on “Click 4 Call”. Insert your details such as name, mobile number, income, etc. and then the bank representative will get in touch with you. You can also simply check your loan eligibility in 4 hours using the Citibank net banking services.


The bank offers a loan up to INR 30 lakh for customers, and currently under the limited period offer the interest rate starts from 10.50% per annum on Citibank personal loan. So, if you apply for a loan you are eligible for the Citibank interest rate offer. Using the loan amount, you can manage your expenses for travel, education, wedding, etc. Then don’t give a halt to your needs and use Citibank personal loan.

Manage your debts with Citibank!

You can use the Citibank personal loan to combine your credit card and other loans for easy payments. The borrower can take full advantage of the loan and transfer their credit card and loan balance, with which they can easily manage their payment activities. Citibank disburses the loan amount in 48 hours of its approval on the account. And you can check the payable EMI of the loan using the Citibank personal loan calculator.


The bank charges a processing fee up to 3% of your borrowed amount. And prepayment or foreclosure of the loan can be done with a 4% of the outstanding balance.

Application and payment procedure for Citibank personal loan!

You can apply for the loan using the online banking service or going to the nearest Citibank branch. Along with the duly filled application form, your KYC and income documents are required to process the loan. And when the loan is sanctioned and fully disbursed to your account, then payment is made through ECS, PDCs, NACH methods for timely EMI payment. There are no late payment charges on Citibank personal loan and it must be paid till 5 years of the duration or whichever period you chose for it.


The existing customers can get instant loans at Citibank by checking their pre-approved offer at an interest rate of 12.99% per annum, for the same loan tenure, the other customer borrows the loan. Now loans are not a big deal for you if you get it from Citibank and finances are managed in your monthly income. With a net monthly income of less than INR 60,000, you can get the loan sanctioned and pay it in a suitable tenure of 12-60 months. 

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