Isn’t it great if you can get cashback on your every single purchase, HDFC Bank makes it possible by providing the HDFC Bharat Cashback Credit Card. You can use a credit card to pay your utility bills or make your retail purchases and in return it offers you reward points & cashback benefit. There’s a lot an HDFC credit card can do, Know about the benefit & features of the HDFC Bharat Cashback Card in the given article.

What are the Cashback & other benefits of HDFC Bharat Cashback Card?

You can save up to a maximum of INR 3,600 with HDFC Bharat Cashback credit card. As it offers you 5% cashback on your mobile recharge, grocery shopping, fuel spends, railway booking and more. Also, you can get a 5% cashback on your EasyEMI, PayZapp and SmartBUY transactions from the HDFC credit card. Get the benefit of paying a 1% fuel surcharge on your vehicle refilling at petrol pumps for a minimum transaction of INR 400. The HDFC credit card offers you an interest-free credit period of up to 50 days


Security features of your HDFC Bharat Cashback Credit Card

Securely make your payments with HDFC credit card at any chip-enabled POS, or you can just swipe or dip your credit card at any non-chip POS. On every transaction from your HDFC Bharat Cashback credit card, you will be notified via message on your registered mobile number.


If your HDFC credit card is lost or stolen then you should immediately inform the bank through the 24x7 customer care center, after reporting the loss your HDFC credit card you have zero liability on any fraudulent transactions. You will also get an insurance up to INR 50 lakh, on minimum 4 transactions from your HDFC Bharat Cashback credit card.

Apply for HDFC Bharat Cashback credit card to enjoy its benefit

You can register for an HDFC credit card by just visiting your nearby HDFC Bank branch, you just need to fill the credit card application & provide your KYC documents. If you are an existing account holder of HDFC bank, you can visit the official website and register for the HDFC Bharat cashback credit card. By following the below-mentioned steps you can easily apply for the HDFC credit card.

  1. Login to your HDFC account
  2. Open the credit card page
  3. Click on the “Register new card” link.
  4. Enter your credit card number, expiry date, and credit card pin.
  5. Then click on the “submit” button.

The most important point is that you must be eligible to apply for an HDFC credit card, such as if you are a salaried person then your age must be between 21 to 60 years with a minimum monthly income of INR 12,000. The eligibility criteria for a self-employed individual is that he/she should have a minimum age of 21 years & maximum age of 65 years. The total income tax return (ITR) should be greater than INR 2 lakh per annum. You can enjoy the benefits of the HDFC Bharat Cashback card only if you fit in the criteria. Now, make your life a bit more comfortable with the help of HDFC Bharat Cashback credit card that offers you CashBack & other reward benefits on your daily purchase or transaction. 


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