You can manage your daily expenses easily with HDFC Platinum Times Card which offers you several benefits on shopping, dining and more. Get exciting reward points on your movie tickets booking and dining at participating outlets. Earn 3 reward points on your everyday purchases up to Rs.150 and get special 10 bonus points on dining with the partnered restaurants on weekdays (Monday to Friday). In this article, you will know how you can use the card smartly to earn maximum reward points & increase your savings.

Benefits of using the HDFC Platinum Times Credit Card

With a wide range of reward benefits on your HDFC Platinum Times Card, it also provides you a contactless feature by which you can easily pay for your purchase without inserting your credit card PIN. You can use the contactless feature only up to the maximum purchase of INR 2,000 after which you have to enter your credit card PIN for security reasons. Get 50 days of interest-free period on your HDFC Platinum Times Card for a trouble-free shopping experience.


With a fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% plus GST on your vehicle refilling, you can annually save up to INR 1,500 on your fuel transaction from your HDFC Platinum Times Card if you spend monthly INR 5,000 on fuel purchase. Make minimum 4 transactions in a calendar month from your HDFC credit card and get life insurance policies like accidental death insurance up to 50 lakhs.

Necessary fees to Submit for your HDFC Platinum credit card

You have to submit a joining & renewal fee of INR 1,000 for your HDFC Platinum Times credit card. The bank also charges a late payment fee from you if you aren’t able to pay your credit bills on time. If you have taken the revolving credit feature of the HDFC Bank credit card and decided to pay a less amount of the total bill, then the outstanding due attracts finance charges which may result in high debts.


How can you redeem HDFC Platinum Times Card reward points?

You can easily redeem your reward points using HDFC Bank net banking services by just following the steps:

  • 1. Login to your HDFC Bank NetBanking account and click on “Credit Cards” option.
  • 2. Now, register your HDFC Platinum Times Credit Card within the “Credit Cards” tab click at the “Register New Card”. After that, you will need to enter your 4 digit credit card PIN to complete your registration process.
  • 3. Select your card and click on “Continue” to proceed to the Online Redemption portal
  • 4. On the Homepage of “Online Redemption” Click on “Redeem Reward Points”. Choose your “Points Range” and “Item Category” to view the catalog.
  • 5. After selecting all the items you want to redeem, click on the “View Shopping Cart” link to view your selected items for redemption. The quantity of the selected items can be modified.
  • 6. Read the “Terms & Conditions” carefully and click on the checkbox confirming acceptance of the same. Your registered Address, Email id, and Contact number will be displayed on your screen, the selected items should be delivered to your address displayed on this page. In case of any error, please DO NOT proceed with redemption and Call our Customer Service for updated.

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