Home Loan Interest Rates: To Upgrade Your Interest

A home loan gives by a financial institution or bank for property purchase. Through this, you can buy, construct, renovate, extend your house with this money and repay it gradually within the chosen time period. Home loans have given the lowest home loan interest rates which up to for 30 years. It’s secured against your property, and in case of failed repayment, the lender can use it for debt settlement. To get the privileges you should fit on a bank’s few criteria like income, credit history, property value or location, income proof, and property documents. The maximum loan amount depends on property value, total repayment, and factors as mentioned. There is a tax exemption on a home loan as well which is it’s the biggest advantage along with PMAY interest subsidy for first-time borrowers. Before can select one bank, you can compare different lenders on the basis of interest rate, tenure, and loan amount.

  • 8.50% per annum low home loan rates
  • Women borrowers or co-applicants get the special offer
  • On home loan tax exemption
  • Before selecting one lender compare
  • You can have the option to transfer the loan to a lower rate
  • You can get multi-purpose home loan facility

Types Of Home Loans

The different types of housing loans offered by banks or NBFCs in India are as follows

  • Home purchase loan
  • Land purchase loans or plot loan
  • Home construction loan
  • Home improvement loan
  • Home conversion loan
  • Home extension loan

Tops Banks Lowest Home Loan Interest Rate

In the market each bank can bring own offers, it depends on you find out the lowest home loan interest rate.


SBI Interest Rate Per Annum

8.75% to 9.35%

ICICI Bank Interest Rate Per Annum

9.10% to 9.30%

Bank Of Baroda Interest Rate Per Annum

8.65% to 9.65%

Axis Bank Interest Rate Per Annum

8.85% to 9.10%

Citibank Interest Rate Per Annum

9.00% to 9.85%

HDFC Bank Interest Rate Per Annum

8.80% to 9.70%

Bajaj Finserv Interest Rate Per Annum

8.85% to 11.15%

Bank Of India Interest Rate Per Annum

8.65% to 9.55%

IDBI Interest Rate Per Annum

8.65% to 8.95%

Home Loan EMI Calculator: Measure The Accurate Payback Information

The home loan EMI calculator is a magical tool. Yes, you can use it until not getting the satisfactory report. This device is free to use, that means you can use it again an again without paying any extra amount. To use the home loan EMI calculator, you should download or install the site. Once installation over, you can login the site and put a few details like tenure, interest rate, and loan amount. After submission, you can get the report within a second. So that, there is no chance to make mistake because it can calculate through tool not manually.


As it’s free to use, so you can use this device until not getting the accurate monthly payable amount details to the lender. You can search and get your monthly EMI calculation report without any fail.

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