How To Get in Touch With Axis Bank Customer Care for Home Loan?

Have you taken a home loan from the Axis Bank or in the final stage of choosing it to make your dream of owning your home true? Having any type of questions or queries about the home loan? Well, fret not because you can clear out all your confusion and get all your answers by getting in touch with the customer care executives of the Axis BankHome Loan. To get any information about your home loan whether it’s any confusion about the EMI (Equated Monthly Installments) amount, rate of interest, tenure period, or any other queries, you can contact Axis Bank Customer Care for Home Loan toll-free number 1800-419-5555 or 1800-500-5555 available 24*7 for your service.

The customer care executives will patiently listen to your problem and help you in every possible way. All your queries will come to rest after talking to them. A home loan from the Axis Bank comes at very competitive interest rates, flexible repayment methods, smaller EMIs, longer tenure period and many other impressive features. You can get in touch with Axis Bank Customer Care for Home Loan for any confusion about both fixed or floating rate of interest. In this article, we will inform you about all the details related to Axis Bank Home Loan.


Benefits you can avail from Axis Bank Home Loan:

If you’re planning to take a home loan from the Axis Bank, you must look at the several benefits of it. Below are those.

  • Lower EMI amount on Home Loan because of the moderate rate of interest which lies in the range of 8.90% to 9.15% per annum.
  • Axis Bank charges absolutely no prepayment charges on its home loan.
  • Having a tenure up to 30 years, you can easily repay your loan in an hassle-free manner.
  • The application process for the home loan is quite minimal and instant.
  • You can easily transfer your existing home loan balance with the balance transfer scheme by Axis Bank.
  • You get the proper door-step service by which you can easily make the payment of your home loan installments.

How to calculate your EMI with Axis Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator?

Before opting for the right kind of Home Loan, you should check the EMI amount which you’ll be paying monthly. It will help in planning your financial schedule in a better way. You can calculate the amount of EMI with the help of Axis Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator in a few simple steps and by putting basic details.


For the calculation of the EMI amount, you’ll only need three details which are as follows.

  • Amount of Loan you’re applying for (The minimum amount can be Rs 3 Lakhs and the maximum can be up to Rs 5 Crore)
  • Rate of interest on which you want to take the loan amount (8.90% per annum to 9.15% per annum)
  • Tenure Period (12 Months to 360 Months)

After putting these details into the calculator, you’ll get the exact amount of your monthly installments. You can check it as many times as you want by putting the numbers according to your financial capability. On having any query about the EMI calculator or the Home Loan from the Axis Bank, you can contact Axis Bank Customer Care for Home Loan to get all the answers about your questions.

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