IndusInd Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator To Satisfy Your Loan Tenure

Having an own house is everyone’s dream because the satisfaction one can have in there is missed in rented apartments or flats. IndusInd Bank makes your dream a reality by providing you home loan products. It provides home loans in India through the most trusted & reputed housing finance company HDFC Ltd. IndusInd Bank provides home loans for the purchase of a new home, Home Improvement, Home extension and Top-Up loans. Know more about the IndusInd Bank home loans in this article.

Benefits of the Home Loan By IndusInd Bank

When an individual chooses IndusInd Bank as their loan provider to finance their housing loan, then these are some of the benefits he/she may get.

  • IndusInd bank provides a wide range of home loan products to the customers such as a loan for a new ready-built home, under-construction property, an extension on the existing home loan, loan for home renovation and more. The individual repayment capacity and flow of income determine the loan amount he/she eligible to borrow at an attractive IndusInd bank home loan interest rate.
  • With IndusInd bank doorstep services, one can easily apply for a home loan as their bank representative will come to your office or home to complete the documentation process. One can also call on the 24x7 helpline number 1860-500-5004 for any query. The bank processes your loan application smoothly.
  • The individual can get a maximum of 30 years of loan duration on their IndusInd bank home loans, one can choose a loan tenure according to their requirement to pay the monthly EMIs of the loan amount. Calculate your loan EMI using the IndusInd Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator and choose a suitable loan tenure to make the monthly EMIs.
  • Attractive IndusInd bank home loan interest rate are starting at 9.75% onwards. The customer can choose whether they want a fixed or flexible interest rate on their loan amount. Fixed interest rate implies that the loan interest rate will remain the same till the end of loan tenure and flexible interest rate can change after a year of EMIs.
  • IndusInd Bank provides a balance transfer facility to the customers in which they can transfer their existing loan into the IndusInd bank home loans. The outstanding amount remains the same but the EMIs might get reduced and provide benefits. The bank does not charge any fee for the balance transfer.

Find your loan EMIs Using IndusInd Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator

One can easily estimate their home loan EMIs to get the clarity of their monthly loan repayments schedule using IndusInd Bank Home Loan EMI Calculator. It is a simple device the user just needs to insert the loan details and it will compute the loan Monthly EMIs. It works on the formula EMI = [P x R x (1+R)^N]/[(1+R)^N-1] where P is the loan principal amount that the user has borrowed from the bank, R is the home loan interest rate it can be flexible or fixed depending on the borrowers choice and N is the duration of loan which is maximum up to 30 years offered by the IndusInd Bank.


IndusInd Bank offers home loans to the customers at a lower EMI of INR 1,044 on the principal amount of INR 1 lakh It would be a perfect lender for your housing loan. 

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