Repco Bank Home Loan Interest Rate Suit Your Home Finance Cost

Repco Home Finance Ltd. is a well known housing finance company and known for its wide range of home loan products. You can borrow a desired home finance amount at an attractive Repco Bank home loan interest rate. It provides loan to the customer on floating interest rate that means you will get the benefit of changeable rates on your loan EMIs. Read the given article and know how the rates charged on your loan amount? And know the current Repco home loan interest rates.

Based on what criteria your Repco bank home loan interest rate is determined

Below are the mentioned factors in which your home loan interest rate is dependent

  • Income of the applicant: If the borrower income is not up to the eligibility criteria then your loan interest rate may be high so do the EMI. so before applying for the loan make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Current value of the property: The Repco Bank home loan interest rate depends on your house or land value. If the house you are buying through the loan amount is in the area with fewer facilities then your property value decreases and interest rate increases.
  • Credit report with zero errors: You must have check your credit report before applying for the Repco bank home loan. Because, if you have any errors in your report and the repayment history isn’t good enough then you might get a high Repco bank home loan interest rate.

What is the current Repco bank home loan interest rate?

You can get the Repco Bank home loan at a starting interest rate of 9.25%. The Repco bank home loan interest rate depends on the prime lending rate (PLR) which is currently 10.50% to 10.75% per annum. Repco Home Finance Ltd. provide home loans to the customers at both fixed and flexible rate of interest. You can choose whether a fixed or flexible interest rate on your loan amount, both have equal benefits.


If you choose for a fixed Repco bank home loan interest rate then your loan EMI would remain the same for the whole tenure. The benefit is that, if the PLR is low then your EMI doesn’t get affected and you can pay the regular EMI without any trouble. On the other hand, flexible Repco Bank home loan interest rate is changeable and you get the benefit of lower EMIs when the PLR is high and easily pay the home loan EMIs.

Apply for Repco Bank home loan and get reasonable interest rates

Visit the nearby Repco Home Finance Ltd. branch or apply for the loan through the online services. Select your desired home loan scheme from the product options and click on the “apply now” button. Enter your details like name, email id, mobile number and PAN details. When you are done with the application procedure then you have to submit a processing fee that is 1% of your loan amount and non-refundable. So make your home finance affordable with Repco bank home loans attractive interest rates.

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