Should a Personal Loan Without ITR Possible At HDFC Bank?

You get the best loan offers from HDFC Bank when you require funds. The bank takes care of the needs of all customers and provides personal loans. The primary benefit that attracts customers towards personal loan is its nature because it is an unsecured loan and does not require the applicant’s asset for the security. But can I get a personal loan without ITR submission? Read the given article to know about the details of the HDFC personal loan.

Documents required for personal loans!

HDFC Bank asks for common proofs of the applicant to sanction a loan that includes the ID proof, income proof and current address details. And if you are an HDFC Bank customer then the process becomes much easier for you. As you can check for the pre-approved offers first before applying for a loan. You can do so by using the HDFC net banking services, log in to your account and check for the offers.


You can prove your identity and income with Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving License, ITR report and salary slip. If you do not have an ITR report showing your tax structure, then also you can apply for a personal loan without ITR.

What are the alternatives for the ITR report?

If you need a solution for the ITR report for the instant approval of the loan, then you can submit form 16 along with the required documents. What is form 16? It is financial documents that help you prove the TDS deductions and other tax-related queries. So, you can provide the form 16 to HDFC Bank instead of the ITR report.


To submit the documents, you can visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch or can also take help from the customer service if you have any other issues. And for help from the HDFC Bank service provider, you can use webchat, click2talk or phone banking service.

Apply for HDFC bank personal loan without ITR!

The interest rates at HDFC Bank for personal loan starts from 10.75% per annum that is probably the lowest among the other banks. And to get this advantage, you need to have a personal loan from HDFC Bank. You can meet your financial needs with the help of an HDFC loan such as wedding expenses, home renovation costs and medical emergencies. And the bank just charges a processing fee of INR 2,999 from the customer that can be up to INR 25,000. Because it depends on the loan amount of the borrower and bank charges up to 2.50% of the principal amount.


And when all the documents are submitted and payments are done for the HDFC personal loan, then you can get the amount disbursed to your account for less than 10 seconds. The payment of the loan can be done via ECS, PDCs or standing instruction payment services. HDFC Bank gives you a maximum duration of 60 months for the loan payment in EMI. The timely payment of the loan helps you build a good credit score by meeting your financial needs. So if you do not have an ITR report then there is no problem you can still get the personal loan from HDFC Bank. 

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