United Bank of India (UBI) is one of the major public sector banks of India that provide an array of banking products that help people in making their financial life free from any kind of stress such as Home Loan, Loan against property, etc. When we are talking about its banking products, it would be a mistake to not mention the personal loan facility by the United Bank of India at an affordable rate of interest. While taking a personal loan, it’s important to keep an eye on the EMI amount as you will have to pay it later while repaying the loan amount. Gone are those days when you had to calculate this amount manually, now with the help of UBI Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator, you can do this task with more efficiency and accuracy.

UBI Personal Loan EMI calculator not only helps in giving you the right amount of monthly installments but also helps you in getting an estimate about them by which you can manage your budget in a better way. Because what happens when you don’t have an evaluation of the right EMI amount before taking a loan, you may burn off your monthly budget by paying the hefty EMI and you also may default the process. So in this article, we will be telling all about the UBI Bank personal loan EMI calculator and the personal loan facility by the United Bank of India. So keep reading!


What are some exciting features of the UBI Personal Loan Facility?

  • The UBI personal loan facility can be availed for any personal expenses that you want to sort out like for any medical emergency, or for your child’s marriage, or even for that latest model of iPhone.
  • A salaried individual can take the maximum loan amount of INR 2 lakh or gross salary of 10 months whichever is higher.
  • The rate of interest on a personal loan for a salaried individual is fixed at 14.20% per annum. Women borrowers will get an additional discount of 0.25%.
  • The repayment period is fixed at a maximum of 36 months for salaried individuals.

What are the prepayment charges and processing fees on the UBI Personal Loan?

There are nill prepayment charges on the personal loan facility and 1% of the sanctioned loan amount as the processing fee on the loan.


What are the eligibility criteria?

Any salaried individual with having a steady source of income from the last two years can opt for this loan facility. 


How to use the UBI Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

To use the UBI bank personal loan EMI calculator, you will need a few basic details such as loan amount, rate of interest, and tenure period. By putting these details into the calculator, you can easily have an estimate about the EMI amount. You can have a detailed look at these details mentioned below.


Loan Amount: As we’ve told you above about the maximum loan amount that you can get via this personal loan facility. So, you need to just fill your desired value into the required space by keeping the amount limit in mind.

Rate of Interest: This is the most important factor in any kind of loan facility. It also depends on various variable factors such as your nature of employment, age, CIBIL score, etc. Put the interest rate in the required space.


Tenure Period: This is the last thing that you need to fill in the calculator. This is the number of months for which you want to take the loan amount.

After filling all these details, you will get the accurate EMI amount and the total interest outgo in the next second by which you can manage your monthly budget in a better way. You can also use the UBI personal loan EMI calculator for as many times as you want with different values.

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