Credit card nowadays is everyone’s need from a youngster to an aged person. Because credit cards are easy to use and with its highly enable security your payments become more secure. But how to get a credit card? And what is the card eligibility criteria? You can get a credit card, whether from a bank or non-banking financial institution. The criteria can vary from lender to bank but the CIBIL score remains the same for every credit card. A minimum CIBIL score for credit card is decided by the bank or NBFCs. Read the given article to know credit card CIBIL score and its effects on the card approval.

What role does CIBIL score plays in your credit card approval?

The CIBIL score is a three-digit number that shows an individual credit history. And, the bank or NBFC check the individual score to know the user capacity of bill payment. Because, if the score is 300, then the user doesn’t get any credit card because it shows that the individual hasn’t paid the previous loan debts successfully. And, if the credit score is 900 then you can easily get the desired credit card without any trouble. But how to check the CIBIL Score? Using the online credit bureau CIBIL easily check your credit score for free.


Free CIBIL check and suitable credit card offers from CIBIL

You can check your minimum CIBIL score for credit card by visiting the online credit bureau website Transunion CIBIL. To check the free CIBIL Score create an account by giving your details like name, mobile number, email address and PAN details. After that, you will receive and OTP on your registered mobile number enter it and click on the “submit” button. When your account is created you can easily check the score for free. And after that whenever you want to check the score you would require to subscribe to the CIBIL premium plans. The benefit of CIBIL premium plans is that using them one can easily find the suitable credit card according to their CIBIL score and also get the solution for their low score.

Take CIBIL’s help and apply for the desired credit card

By checking your CIBIL score from CIBIL you can apply for a credit card by visiting the bank or NBFC branch or through their online website. But, if your score is low and you aren’t able to meet the minimum CIBIL score for credit card then improve it by paying your previous bill dues or loan debts. You need to submit a few documents like KYC proof, income proof and address proof to get the credit card. And, every lender or bank charges and annual or joining fee from the customer for the credit card that can be high or low depending on the card benefits and features.


So, do credit card payment for your utility bills, shopping, travel, dining and more with your desired credit card. If your minimum CIBIL score is equal to 750 or above only then you can enjoy the benefits of credit card privileges and reward points. 

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