What Makes Personal Loans Citibank the Best in the Business?

Citibank is one of the leading and renowned players when it comes to providing the best financial services such as personal loans. The loan can help you in managing all kinds of personal finance problems whether it’s any kind of medical emergency you’re facing, funds for some unplanned aborad trip, marriage expenses, long-due home renovation or outstanding amount on your credit card.

Personal Loans Citibank comes at an affordable rate of interest and with flexible repayment options. If you want to know what are some of those extraordinary features that make personal loans Citibank one of the most demanding among all the ones, then read this article further!


Some Prominent Features of Personal Loans Citibank:

Citibank offers various amazing benefits to their customers on their personal loan facility. Some of those features are mentioned below.

  • Citibank personal loan can be availed by both salaried and self-employed individuals.
  • With the help of personal loans Citibank, you can opt for a loan amount of ₹100,000 to a maximum of ₹30 lakh.
  • The whole process is so smooth and hassle-free that you can get your loan funds into your account within 48 hours after the submission of your documents.
  • The repayment period ranges from 12 to 60 months which gives you the flexibility of choosing a suitable EMI amount that fits the period and your monthly budget.
  • The interest rate on personal loans Citibank ranges from 10.99% to 18.99% per annum.
  • There is absolutely no documentation process for the existing customers of Citibank as they can apply for it via their net banking account.
  • You can transfer your existing outstanding credit card and home loan to Citibank personal loan account in order to manage your finances in a better way.
  • Full and pre-payment options are available on personal loans from Citibank. The preclosure charge is fixed at upto 3% of the loan amount.

How to manage your monthly budget with the help of Citibank Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

Don’t want to burn your pocket every month because of the excessive EMI amount on your personal loan? Well, you can manage it by calculating your monthly installments on the loan beforehand with the help of Citibank Personal Loan EMI Calculator. To use this, you don’t need any kind of degree in maths but a few basic details like aspired loan amount, rate of interest, and loan tenure.


Just by sliding to the desired values in the calculator, you can fill up these details. Once you fill all the required details into EMI Calculator, it will give you the exact amount you need to pay monthly. This calculator is also pretty flexible in terms of use by putting the different values of the loan amount.

Eligibility Criteria for applying for a Personal Loans from Citibank:

There are a few conditions that an applicant has to fulfill before applying for a loan that are mentioned below.

  1. A salaried applicant must have a minimum age of 26 years and it can go up to 60 years.
  2. For the self-employed applicant, the minimum age is fixed at 21 years and 65 years of age as the maximum.
  3. The minimum monthly income should be sufficient enough to pay the proposed EMI amount for your personal loan.

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