Will Shriram Housing Finance Home Equity Credit Interest Rates Enable a Smooth Stay?

Shriram Housing Finance is one among the notable names within the housing finance segment, offering loans to shop for or construct a home. Registered with the National Housing Bank (NHB) and promoted by Shriram City Union Finance Limited, the housing finance firm ensures the dream home does not remain a dream by providing customized loans. you’ll get a loan of the maximum amount as ₹75 lakh, supported your eligibility. The housing firm gives a loan for a way longer tenure of up to twenty years, making it imperative for the borrowers to seem at the interest rates carefully. So let’s start the session and know Shriram Housing Finance home equity credit Interest Rates and therefore the related details.

Shriram Housing Finance home equity credit Interest Rates

Shriram Housing Finance offers home loans at a floating rate of interest. At the instant, its home loans start from 10.99% once a year and are linked to the Prime Lending Rate of the housing finance firm. Before disbursing a loan, the housing nondepository financial institution would check out your overall credit profile, monthly income, repayment potential, besides checking the small print of your workplace. to face the test of eligibility, you would like to tick all such points.


Shriram Housing Finance home equity credit Eligibility Criteria

You need to satisfy the subsequent eligibility criteria before gaining approval to your home equity credit application.

  • The housing finance firm disburses a home equity credit to Indian residents with a minimum of 21 years at the time of application.
  • Both salaried and self-employed can apply for a home equity credit
  • The eligibility is going to be assessed on your repayment capability
  • Both individual and joint home equity credit applications are often made

Quantum of Finance & Tenure

The loan amount to be disbursed is calculated at 80% of the property cost, subject to the repayment capability of a private. you’ll tend a maximum of 20 years to pay off the loan in Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs). the utmost tenure is, however, subject to a consideration of your retirement age if you’re salaried.


Shriram Housing Finance home equity credit EMI Calculator

Won’t it’s better to urge a rough idea of the instalments likely on your home loans? it might be. So, how are you able to know the same? Well, all you would like is to travel online and use the house Loan EMI Calculator that computes the instalments you’re likely to pay month-on-month until the expiry of the loan tenure. What does the calculator take into consideration to compute the instalments? Just three things - Loan Amount, Rate of Interest and therefore the period of a loan. So, you only got to enter these three to calculate the monthly EMI. additionally, you’ll also get a thought of the interest repayments over the amount of a loan. Let’s take the assistance of an example below to know the matter better.


Example - Sakshi Mittal, a 26-year old designer, applies for a home equity credit of ₹35 lakh at Shriram Housing Finance. The housing finance firm grants the loan for 20 years at a rate of interest of 12% once a year. So, what’s the EMI and interest payments before her? Taking all that into consideration, she is obligated to pay an EMI of ₹38,538. The EMI would translate into an interest repayment of ₹57,49,124 throughout a loan.

Should You Check Amortization Schedule?

When you are busy checking the results of the EMI Calculator, you’ll miss out on a schedule showing the repayment of principal and interest per annum. Yes, the amortization schedule flashes just adjacent or below the results of the EMI calculator. The schedule also shows the outstanding loan balance at the top of every year.


So, you’ve got verified the small print of Shriram Housing Finance home equity credit from interest rates to the EMI calculator. The article must have given you a clue on whether the house loan from the housing nondepository financial institution can assist you to stay tension-free or not.

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